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This is a cryptic write-up with so many  meanings to so many people, you are permitted to read your meaning into it. The meaning intended by the writer is up to all to deduce.




I willed my aching legs to continue the tedious uphill journey. My backbone arched in a spindly way. As I face the uphill task of climbing the slippery mud-hill in a tired and aching appendage.

I will have to visit the shaman living on the hilltop. To make the bargain of life for the speedy recovery of my deadly hemorrhaging sister. She has been on the sick-bed for the better part of two decades.

I watched her as she was gradually reduced to the shadow of her former self. A caricature of a ghostly and ghoulish soul. I wept bitterly as her ailment defy all know medicine. Orthodox and western, she defy them all.All known curative ointment from the white man country have been used. But all results are in same verdict. Her hemorrhaging is taking on a deadly parlor as all watch her life ebbing off in frantic ooze.

Now on top of the muddy hill I will go to seek a different method of stopping the ebbing. As I take the arduous step mechanically with every ounce of self-will. I became more determined to fight till the end.

I wont let go of HOPE. I wont let go of my resolve to help her walk and work again. I will go the extra mile even if it will involve my very life at the end. My sister should not be allowed to die in this piteous state.

I sighed heavily with a palpitating heart as I face the aged sage. Here I come oh wise one. What must I do to save and salvage my dying sister. I ventured after the mutual Africa-an greeting.

The sage replied after consulting the ‘dibia‘-

In seven moons after the sacrifice, blood will flow but the tides can be steamed if and only if you give your HEART and BILE. These alone the gods ask of you, oh young man.

My silence was grave-yarded. I looked beyond me and see FIRE and HOPE in the future. But the fire in me has the intensity to burn off the future fire.

Here I come oh aged one.

To sacrifice my freedom for the freedom of my sister! And the well-being of my generation yet unborn I come. Here is my HEART and BILE. Take my passion and all I stand for (my heart). And all my generational bitterness (bile) to stop the tide of my hemorrhaging sister.

I surrender for your freedom, peace and prosperity my SISTER.

Isaacola AA


Dibia- a native doctor/oracle

14 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. Wow…I’ve never read something so deep in meaning. Truly, this write-up possess many faces and many body parts…wow…


  2. I have thought and thought, I have read this over and over. Like the note before the piece, there’s loads of meanings embedded in this.
    Thanks for sharing.


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