Pastoral Diary 7




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Dear diary, I know you will not mind my inconsistency here. I am pulled here and there by the work.

I almost forgot to mention to you dear diary. How work schedule is sapping up all my waking moments, giving me little or no time for any other things.

I have waited on God for the better part of three weeks now. It seems heaven has been extra silent on this particular issue. I do remembered the word of my good teacher in the seminary.

‘When you cannot see Him or his hand, trust Him and lay hold of the last instruction given to you’.

I am learning to be patient in a difficult way dear diary. You and I know my impetus and my tendency to be brash and harsh a times. I am always in a hurry to be on the move. I have started learning to work in God’s time and not box God in my schedule. Our timing seems to be in tandem to each other.

When my mentor called me earlier to follow him to start a new ministry. He was persuaded God is calling him into pioneering the ministry with me.

That is the in-thing God is about to do I shouted. It’s a new phase and season of my life and all things seems to be adding up I concluded. I concluded that my time was up in the present ministry. I was already preparing my valedictory message mentally.

After three weeks of waiting on God, I am convinced that there are still somethings I really need to learn before jumping into another ministry.

On the last day of waiting on God. I was in a vision where a man was calling me to come over to Macedonia. I was tempted to jump in to Macedonia, but I lost my peace in that vision. The vision looked so real and a sense of peace enveloped afterwards.

Dear diary, after waking up from the mini vision, it was crystal clear to me that when the peace of God is missing. The journey is a no go for a true child of God. Since the peace of God is the ‘umpire of God’s will’.

I learn that even when all things are pointing toward a particular thing, wait on God to be sure you are doing the right thing. He that believe will not make haste.

Dear diary, as I was still mulling the lesson on patience and absolute dependence on God’s leading, something unusual happened. One of the youth leader in the church who has a large clout of followers on social media approached me. He wanted me to help him in passing a message to the youth encouraging them to vote for a particular candidate. I was supposed to give a tacit endorsement during our youth meeting.

I was torn between two opinions. Dear diary you know I can come clean to you at any time. The money he mentioned in passing was humongous for a clergy especially an upcoming one like me. What will I do in the face of this temptation? Dear diary you know how much I needed any added cash to my meager stipend.

One thing so certain in my mind eyes is that the politician I am supposed to give my tacit support is absolutely corrupt and my heart is totally against him. Should I because of love of dollars go against my heart?

Oh Lord do help me, I know this also will pass away. It is a test of my dependence on God’s ability to supply all my needs.

Pastor XY

8 thoughts on “Pastoral Diary 7

  1. ‘When you cannot see Him or His hand, trust Him and lay hold of the last instruction given to you’… I lay hold on this; thanks for this, Isaac


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