Time @isaacsogo

Adjust Yourself.

We live in the world of time.

And nothing we do can stop the time.

Our lateness in life is defined by time,

So also our early rise.


Time is never working against anybody.

Rather, man failed to place himself

To the workings of the time. And in all,

The blame is still on the time.


Time to some is a friend,

And to others an enemy.

To both, the time gives judgement.

The result is either positive or negative.


You as well can judge it.

Time itself don’t want to be late.

That is why it never stop moving.

Though slowly and fastly unnoticed.


If you’re late,the time can’t be late.

You don’t have to adjust your time,

Instead,adjust yourself.

For out of this comes success.


Time wait for no one friends!



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