We Can


It is very easy to point out how the other person is not doing it right. If I am given the opportunity, I will do this and that…

Like they say, talk is cheap. Don’t even think it that I am gunning for one candidate or routing for the other. It is time to work and make the nation great again.

Lets drop the rhetoric question. Accusations and counter accusations. The nation is greater than any one of us or our ethnic group. Our parochial and ethno-centric religious bigotry. And our sentiment has nothing to do with the making of the great nation of our dream.

Let us leave politics and tunnel vision out of our thinking and start thinking about the generation next.

Neither the ‘umbrella wielding gang nor the broom wielding group has the solution to our numerous malfunctions. Individually, we cannot right all the wrong but collectively as a united people, we can move this nation forward.

Whoever win the election, the other party should not see it as do or die affair. We should borrow a leave from the Americans and Israelis and learn to forget about party for the common good of all. Let us unite together to lift this nation up to that enviable height she is supposed to be. Its time to work together as an indivisible nation.

A people foist together to fulfil its destiny. We can show the world we are matured enough to conduct ourselves honourably without fighting. Now is the time to collectively rise up and show the world that we Nigerian are peace loving and progressive people.

We are expecting a free and fair election that will shame the world and her doubting Thomas’. Either you are voting for the broom or the umbrella or whatever. Know for sure that Nigeria is bigger and greater than our party, ethnic group, religious persuasion etc.

I believe in a Nigeria that work. Join me as we trust God and act honourably at the poll to show the world we are ready to civilly conduct our election and a change of government peacefully.

Either way, Nigeria will win.

Isaacola AA

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