Pastoral Diary 8

Dear diary, I have been absent without leave for quite sometimes now. Am sure, it is one of the effects of the wind of change blowing through the land. I will try as much as possible to always update my writing dear diary. Since I have been away for a time now. There are a …


Remembering Chibok

Chenemi and Hajarat are what we call bests of friends. From their JSS three when Chenemi moved into boarding school, they've been practically inseparable. Though Chenemi is a Christian and Hajarat is a Muslim. Chenemi noticed the gloom on her friend face at the dining hall. Every inquiry was rebuffed playfully by her friend. She …

‘On such a full sea are we now afloat…’ – A Letter to the President-Elect


Mr President,

I really don’t understand what it means to ‘stand on existing protocol’. Nevertheless, I will go ahead and stand on existing protocol.

1. On the day that Deng Xiaoping became leader of China in 1978, he was just under 75 years old. Between 1980 and 2010, China lifted 680 million people out of poverty. There can be no doubt about it — Deng Xiaoping’s reforms which opened up China’s economy played the biggest part in the stunning transformation of that country.

At a mere 72 years old; age cannot be an excuse for you. You’ve wanted this job for so long anyway. Now, it’s showtime

2. Between 1870 and 1910, over a million Swedes (around 20% of the country’s population at the time) abandoned Sweden for a new life in America. They left a country that was a pretty poor and dark place and suffering repeated crop failures…

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Halimat walk delicately with a tired gait, her Gucci bag hanging loosely on her shoulder. She was very determined to not let an extra day pass before teaching the hoodlums the lesson of their life. She sauntered into the dark alley with her heeled shoe clicking off. She always used the fifteen minute of quiet …

Eko Hospital

EKO HOSPITAL, A BUILDING OF DEATHS? This piece is a hard one for me to write, hard and very difficult. As I write this, I am filled with deep sorrow for what could have been that was not. This piece is not intended to do anything but to warn unsuspecting members of the public. A …