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Fellow compatriots, the nations stood in awe some days ago as Nigerians decide. Up to the last minutes of the results collation we were still the matter of concern to the world.

Though with different postulation and insinuations of possible outbreak of war. We defied all odds and permutations as we are still standing as a nation after the keenly contested election.

Till the last seconds when the winner was announced, Nigerians were still firmly glued to their televisions. Social media were agog with everyone turning to political analyst. Thankfully, #NigeriaDecides was trending throughout and our nation trend for something good and constructive.

Finally, we settled for change against continuity. Whether we believe it or not, Nigeria is bigger than any political party. What took place is not a matter of the party but all about Nigeria and Nigerians.

Now, Nigeria would be governed for the next four years under an entirely different political party. A new taste of government! But who can tell if the change is really here? I am not being pessimistic, just a product of probable thinking.

Leaving that aside, I have to quickly make the intent of this article known. Change is here, but the main change is about you. Your destiny is not attached to the nation economy. If you don’t change things about yourself, a mediocre equilibrium is inevitable.

I think we should try as an individual to look critically into how we can change somethings to better our lives as a person. The greatest mistake some Nigerians will be making with the political change, is to capitalize on those promises made before the election.

I advice Nigerian youths to fashion out their lives and be the change they so desired. If a man will not take responsibility for his or her life, there is little or nothing any government can do for him or her, no matter how good intention-ed.

Things may not change for better, if you don’t engage your mind in a productive thinking. Jonathan has come and will be going, Buhari is here and will leave also one day, but you are still yourself. What change will you bring down to your own life before you pass on?

Let me shock you by saying; your destiny is not attached to any political party. Whether things work out or not, your life is not defined by situations around you. It is the season of change friends. Another four years, how your life will be is right in your hand. It is either you change things or things change you. The option however is yours.


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