Hidden poem)

This is a cryptic one, you can interpret it the way you want but kindly leave a comment to let us know what you read and interpreted by it. Special thanks to @jaycax for her innumerable contributions. Thanks Isaacola AA HIDDEN I am a treasure hidden in layers Upon layers of cunningly fabricated clothing Hidden …



SCARE(Y) The monster stood slightly erect in its monstrosity. To say it looks scary is an understatement. The medusa-like head carrying a mass of dangling serpent. Fear gripped my mid section. Bile rose up from my core, carrying with it venomous angst. Fear, mixed with tears, encapsulated my whole being. Sweat pouring out of every …


BURNT I am immersed in the liquid fire, its tongue lapping at my innermost being, patiently feeding on my strength. Aha, my past wickedness is catching up on me! Who said hell is not real? Hell is 'real-er' than real! Continue reading here http://wp.me/s62hoA-burnt

Diary of A Dark Horse..Struggles 101

Diary of a Dark Horse.

Am I lost, or just less found on the straight or roundabout of the wrong way?

I could feel myself sinking away...being swallowed up by my weakness nd it killed me that no matter how many times I tried to walk away, I kept coming back to the beginning..I hid in my shame in shame. I hid in my shame in shame.


I have to come to terms with myself. I have a problem and its killing me.
Some days back, I was in church and the pastor said we should write our problems on a piece of paper, lift them up to God and trust Him to solve it. It was my umpteenth time of scribbling this word. I wrote it so fast, folded the paper so that the guy sitting next to me who had been staring at me since the service began won’t see what I have been fighting with for almost 10 years. As I lifted my ‘unholy, polluted hands’  to God, a tear dropped on my shirt..it was my shame..I am pretty messed up and my heart prayed for the whatever time…”Father…

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Pastoral diary 9

PASTORAL DIARY 9 Dear diary, I will be copying word for word what my beloved parishioner wrote me as I promised earlier. It may come as a shock but in this vocation, I learnt not to be shocked come what may. Dear Pastor, I decide to write you this letter because you carry an aura …

Emma Dilemma

DILEMMA He woke up with a start. Heart beating violently as if it will burst out of its cage. The rate of pumping of the heart is so loud it threatening to deafen him. He was drenched in cold sweat with its pool pooling in every crevice of his body. How can it be? A …


UPGRADE OPERATION The maxim "when you stop learning, you start dying", is so true. Most time we get carried away by a sense of achievement that we let go of improving ourselves. I heard a story about two women with the similar circumstance. They both reacted differently and got a different result. Their husbands are …