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sosThis has got to be one of the rudest shocks of the year… I am still in shock. I still don’t believe it. I scroll through Google, hoping it is all a lie. I can’t even stop the tears, all I can I do is just pray from the safe return of a friend and a brother.

The guy above is Olalekan Valentine Jegede, he is a computer science graduate of Houdegbe North American University, Republic of Benin. He recently came to Benin to collect his certificate and all those necessary stuff needed for youth service as he had just been posted to Calabar to serve. Valentine decided to pass the night in Ijede in Lagos with a friend known to all and his family members. On Monday, 4th of May, around 9 am, he called his dad that he was in a bus about to leave for home in Kanji. After one hour, the dad called Val only for his phones to be switched off. His dad got really worried and confused when he still was not able to reach the son by night and so, he called the mother of his friend he had spent the night with at Ijede and she was also confused too because Valentine had left their home since morning and had not heard from him since then.

To cut the long story short, Valentine is yet to be found and the parents are in so much confusion and pain especially the mother as Valentine is the first of her only two kids. I know Linda Ikeji and many other blogs already have the story, but it is not too much to get a repost, share it on your wall and put it up as your DP. Much more, we need your prayers more than anything at the moment. Jegede, as we all love to call him, his one of the most devoted church workers, prayer warriors and a mind eager to work and serve the Lord that I have ever met. This is one of the people that helped me from the wayward life I used to live to accept my purpose and stay with Christ. He taught me how to work without looking at others but only God.

If you have any information very useful, please call 08053729625, 08052517716…


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