Pastoral Diary 13


David Olalekan Anthony will be taking us through a series titled ‘wisdom for living’ and he will be focusing on financial intelligence. He will taking us on eight week series every Thursday. Thanks.

Isaacola AA


Dear diary, you will have to forgive me for my consistent inconsistency. I hope to get cured of this malady soon. After my vision of the old man visit, it seems there has been some level of peace washing over my soul. I believe with time I will be able to digest the truth encoded in the message of the sage.

Dear diary, my relationship has been bumpy to say the least. I was thinking the anointing covers everything, but the reality on the ground is that you need to learn. Like a friend once said, “marriage is hundred percent spiritual and hundred percent carnal”. The import of the message is now sinking into me, dear diary. Anointing does not cover ignorance.

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