Laws of Financial Success
Lekan Anthony
”I wish above all things that you may prosper,” – 3 John 2

Dear Friend,

The love of money according to the Bible is the root of all evils. I have also discovered that the lack of money is at the root of many evils. We have heard countless stories of men and women who revealed that the reason they engaged in robbery, pilfering, corruption, prostitution, murders, money rituals and many acts of violation of other people’s rights was because of the financial deprivation they had suffered.

The truth is that life was not designed to be a struggle for survival. Rather, man was made to live in affluence and abundance, having all his needs met at all times. The very essence of your being is wired for dominion and royalty. This is why you feel frustrated when there is a project you will like to execute, but do not have enough money to execute it. This feeling of frustration is innate and natural to every human being. It is a product of our dominion status.

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