Pastoral Diary 14


Dear diary, like I said last week about my member not being born again. Some of my experience that finally made the assertion to stick into me like never before. Every man is Oliver Twist, always asking for more. I discovered that my hugs were lingering more than necessary. Also, my eyes like never before begin to stray to the back-side of the opposite sex whilst I get distracted easily by the cleavage of ladies than before.

All these I attributed to my being in a relationship. But somehow I knew it was deeper than that. A part of me convinced itself to take a long one look instead of looking twice which I believe is questionable. To make matter worst, I was praying for one of my Lady parishioner one afternoon and my member was craving for attention. Struggling to come out of its enclave. Believe you me, I was fasting. Praying fervently for a lady but my body is acting funny and unbelievable.


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