Classless first class DMU

DMU (diesel multiple unit) train otherwise called first class train with air condition is nothing but a farce and one of the last administration voodoo ill-conceived enterprise. The flat rate from Iddo to Sango of seven fifty Naira is abnormal to say the least. The arithmetic does not add up. I always board the DMU … Continue reading Classless first class DMU

Financial freedom 6- Lekan Anthony

WISDOM FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING Laws of Financial Success 6 Lekan Anthony ''Yes, everybody desires to earn more income and aspire for full financial freedom, but each person has the responsibility to ensure every available resource is effectively managed,” – Yinka Ogunnubi Dear Friend, The next principle follows closely to the principle of spending less than … Continue reading Financial freedom 6- Lekan Anthony

Rainbow Lady

RAINBOW LADY I saw the flawless leg. As she exited the chauffeur driven Range Rover. The extended leg carries with it a twenty-four carat gold chain. With a green stiletto-ed leg. My interest was piqued to see the angel carrying such an elegant piece of crafted leg. The stiletto-ed leg stepped out with such a … Continue reading Rainbow Lady