Financial freedom 4 – Lekan Anthony

Laws of Financial Success 4
Lekan Anthony

”Do you see a man who is an expert in his craft; he will serve before kings and not ordinary men’’. – Proverbs 22:29
Dear Friend,
Our Financial Success story continues:
Become an expert in your field: Your ability to continually solve problems at a higher level than you are presently doing will do more to guarantee your financial security and success than probably any other skill you can develop. Getting a job or starting your own business provides your first step on the rung on the ladder of financial success, but what guarantees your progress on the ladder of wealth is your ability to continually develop capacity to solve problems bigger than the ones you are currently solving. The fact is, no matter how much money you earn today; there are people in your field who are earning three, four, five times what you are presently earning. And the reason they are earning more than you are not necessarily because they are smarter than you or more gifted than you. It is essentially because they have developed the ability to solve problems bigger than the ones you are solving. And within reason, if you can learn what they have learned, and solve the kind of problems they solve, you too will soon be earning what they are earning.

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