Classless first class DMU

DMU (diesel multiple unit) train otherwise called first class train with air condition is nothing but a farce and one of the last administration voodoo ill-conceived enterprise.

The flat rate from Iddo to Sango of seven fifty Naira is abnormal to say the least. The arithmetic does not add up. I always board the DMU at Oshodi and drop at Iju station just three bus stops (Ikeja, Agege and Iju) and I still pay seven hundred and fifty Naira. Methinks the issue should be looked into critically.

The second issue about the classless first class DMU is the overcrowding. As at Oshodi, people are already standing as if we are in “molue”. That doesn’t look like a first class transport to me. At least I have travelled out of this shore a fw times.

The third issue bordered convenience (ladies and gents facility). I remembered boarding the DMU one day and being pressed to use the gent. To my utter surprise, nothing! I was told to drop at Ikeja to use a public toilet. I had to bear the unbearable feelings till I dropped at my station. Similar thing happened yesterday, a guy was pressed and in the so called first class DMU bring out his phyllus and urinated while ladies were looking. That was it. I was incensed at such barbaric behaviour but … I was told even the “molue” train has toilet facility.

Ticketing and customer service is another issue I noticed with the Nigeria Railway Corporation staffs (NRC). They talk to passengers like thrash. This is twenty first century where customer is “King”.

In my opinion the ticketing should be made available online and at least should use the distance as a yardstick. On the issue of standing the coaches should be increase to accommodate more passengers and convenience should be incorporated into coaches.

Picture courtesy of

Isaacola AA

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