Pastoral Diary 16


Dear diary, it is good to be back regularly again. Like I wrote in the last journal, I met a weird couple last week. One of those meeting that happened spontaneously.

The lady attends our parish every now and then. I noticed she was pregnant the last time I saw her but now she is not and no baby was in sight. After the midweek service, I called her and spoke to her. She was disturbed and the eyes looked as if she has been crying for sometimes now.

She invited me to their home to meet with her husband who is a Muslim.

This is their story. She did give birth to a baby boy named Tunde. After the naming ceremony done in the Islamic way. She took baby Tunde to a private clinic for circumcision on the ninth day against the husband wish. There was a mistake in the circumcision and the baby was bleeding unknowingly to the mother. By the time she was to bathe the baby later in the day, they discovered the diaper was soaked with blood.

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