Dear Crumb (poem)

dear crumb 1Picture courtesy Heleen Van de Ven

By Oyin Oludipe and Habib Akewusola


Dear crumb, dear lone

Seed of the tattered streets,


Your shadows faint with grief

Not the procession of suns


Dear crumb, dear harvester

Of dust, strange human reins


Expunge your path…

Will human sweat suffice?


Dear crumb, dear womb

Of a world’s cold glance,


Your dirge is a feast for birds

Not dance for feet of men


Dear crumb, dear hollow

Forager of the night,


Let the cruel seep of light

Adorn your blistered belly


I shall wait for you on the dawn,

With bread and wine on both hands –


Perhaps you will emerge without a belly

Or without a hunger!

Dear crumb, idol worship hope,

Spirits of tonight

Heat up my soul.


Dear crumb, sirens don’t bite

Rivers never cry,

Hungary skeleton anticipate

To take a stroll into the spirit life.


Dear crumb, love isn’t equal,

I hate a little liquor

I love my meat semi-raw,

Old age is safer for

A poor.


Dear Crumb, dear denier,

Life beats to his tongue

Advice like ice, melts before my



Dear crumb, dear loamy

Ancient harvester becomes lonely,

See my palm, map to glory.

Suffering for free,


Who says birds don’t fly

When the sun is asleep?


Oyin Oludipe and Akewusola Habib are young and rising Nigerian poets and social critics. Find them on Twitter @sir_muell and @akewusolahabib respectively.


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