Pastoral Diary 23

Dear diary, it’s been a while. As usual I will not come with one excuse or the other but all I will say is that, in the largeness of your ever forgiving heart. Find a place in it to forgive my inconsistency. That being said, I will have to devise a means to keep this journal at least weekly faithfully henceforth. Dear diary, I know you are doubting me, wait and see that the Lord is good (wink with a wicked grin).
Lagos is a dangerous place to live in my dear diary and a more dangerous place to be a practising Christian let alone a young man of the cloth. Sometimes I do imagine how God will judge people living in cosmopolitan cities like ours with its complexities. Maybe there will be another way… Just saying dear diary.
I remembered reading #BusTales on sometimes ago and thinking the stories was fabricated. I think I know better now dear diary.

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