Just before the Niger (poem) by @ebehpatrick

Just before the River Niger 

Lies this beauty that transcends 

The human comprehension. 

Mixed in tribes and Languages, 

That enhances her beauty and make up. 

She bears the milk and honey 

That sustains her National wealth  and pride. 
But she wallows in despair 

Like a woman robbed of her glory. 

I weep! For she lacks the look of the hive that Harbours the honey. 

I weep! for For she has not been mentioned for good 

In the Diaspora 

I weep! For she lacks the identity of what 

Freedom and progress could mean. 
In these decades of freedom, 

Where other coastal sisters 

Have made innumerable progress, 

She had been suppressed by the ones 

Chosen to direct her affairs. 
I weep, because she lacks a mouth piece 

That can speak for her, even when she seems 

To have children who are learned, who dwell in the temple of justice. 

But seem to be hiding in the Shell of cowardice, I presume. 
she groans in her spirit, for she had been robbed

Of her wealth, status and dignity. 

She weeps for her declining looks, 

And the hunger that strikes her children before her eyes. 

She seeks the light of freedom, liberation and progress. 

She seeks the one that can drive her affairs in truth 

and in spirited mind. 

She seeks peace among her children. 
She longs to be spoken well of in the Diaspora, 

Like her coastal sisters, who seems to have been emancipated 

from redundancy and political darkness. 

She longs to see her looks improved 

And her status changed with the changing times and history.


Picture courtesy of google.com

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