I wonder how (poem) @ebehpatrick

The revolving crystal ball of the universe 

Hovers over mankind in mysteries beyond interpretation.

I wonder how these were made.

I wonder how the earth revolves around time;

yet men and other creatures are still.



The droppings of the rain

from a mere cloud; is a depth
The speed of lightning and the sound of thunder

drop rhetorics on my mind. 

I wonder where the twinkling stars hide by the day

to brighten the sky at night, and the source of the cool

breeze that calms the soul.


I wonder how the dark walls 

at night duplicate my image in shadows.
I wonder how man is conceived from the fluid

that forms the fabrics of his body tissues,

the complexity of his brains, bones and the cartilages of his body. 

I wonder how man grows in height

yet not aware the moments of his growth.

I wonder how spoken languages

of the earth were sustained over time; and the peculiarity

of the human race.

I wonder where the ends of the oceans could be and that 

of the skies; I wonder how science and art articulate the existing premise of mother nature. I wonder how plants grow to become mighty tress.

And I keep wondering how anthills are formed on the hard

earth crust of the African Savannah.

 Ebeh Azuka Patrick


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