Losing A Loved One Isaacola AA


One two three push…

One two three push…

After what looks like an eternity but in actual sense, it’s just a couple of seconds, the Doctors looked at him with a remorseful sorry look, sorry Mr Chide, we lost her.

A Million bells were clanging discordantly through Ojochide’s head, rivulets of sweat pooling rapidly in the crevices of his armpit and the edge of his waist holding the thirteen-month-old Chenemi. He blinked aways tears threatening to break through the seams.

D…doc he stammered.

What did you mean?

Who will take care of little Chenemi?

As if on cue, the little girls burped loudly and speak in the innocent baby way: da-da

His world came crashing and he could no longer hold the barrage of flood again. Torrents of questions threatening to know why, where, when and how did this happened to his swamped him.


Did you lose someone dear to your or something special? How did you cope with the lost?

Care to share?

Isaacola AA @newnaija



Your comments are welcomed and appreciated

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