Baami (poem) Isaacola AA

Gentle, strong and rugged
always with an open mind
ready to always explain
a father indeed you are

You taught me discipline
from a tender age
make a disciple of me
in good character

A reliable dependable and patient ally
Industrious and compassionate ally
who will not tolerate folly
nor slothful indolence in any

An example of truthfulness
trustworthiness and a lover of God
always steady
always playful
always prayerful
always teaching
always blameless
Baami, a mentor you are…

How you taught me to love God
to love humanity
How to prefer others before me
and not to love money
Baami I salute

I miss your stern look
your playful mien
your arched brow when angry
your shrowded face when thinking
your gentle nodding when reading
Baami you are the best.

Isaac Kola


One thought on “Baami (poem) Isaacola AA

  1. Painfully, it was after my dad died that I discovered that every instinct of discipline and organisation I have as a person, he taught me. His actions were too loud and his words so few. He’s my inspiration to be that giver of discipline to my children. Yes, I express love to my children in hugs and cuddles better than my dad, but he never bothered to do what he wasn’t used to but focused more on being responsible over me and never failed to stretch himself to his limit to see his children climb up in life.


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