Lessons from a missed Penalty Isaacola AA

A foolish man will always believe he know it all but a wise man will always learn from his mistakes, his breakthrough and even from inanimate things around him. I was in a situation recently and I actually learn two or three lessons from the incident.


A son lost penalty kick that resulted in his team to lose a semifinal match in a football competition, it was painful to me as a father but was more painful to the Boy. To compound the matter I was head of the group that lost the competition.


Number one lesson from the incident is that, Never ever take a decision when you are not sure just to please others. He lost a penalty kick penultimate to the match. I was completely devastated with the lost during training that it took all to persuade him to forget it. During the competition, they needed someone to take a spot kick after the initial five had taken and it was still a draw. He was nominated, lacking confidence and with a stooped shoulders, he went to take the spot kick and your guess is as good as mine, he lost the kick. Don’t always live to please others as you will end up displeasing yourself.


Lesson number two, focus. A man that is focus will be blind to other things. You cannot be focused and still have time for all distractions. Make up your mind and stick to your decision. Success comes from perseverance, it is not meant for the lily livered.


Finally, learn from everything that comes your way, don’t leave things to chance. Use every and any opportunity to learn one new thing. The day you stop learning you start dying. Keep an open mind the is ready to Learn, UnLearn and ReLearn. That is the surest way to make it.


Isaacola AA

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