Lessons Gleaned 1

Lessons Gleaned


Where do I begin from and how do I express the gigantic hydra-headed emotions swirling in my mind trying to catch my attention with one good idea or the other?


I looked at my laptop for the umpteenth time and walked away to allow the serenity of the environment relax my stretched mind. The myriad of issues at hand was tearing me in different directions but like Kanu of Peak milk, “I was determined to never give up”.


Okay, here I am after ‘a thousand days’ of self-inflicted hibernation. The hiatus was refreshing as it was too painful to bear.


Silence, they say means consent but my loud silence does not and cannot mean consent. I know better now. Looking at the brewing atmosphere electrified by the political “bojuboju”.  Some “maradonic moves” of the political class leaves nothing for an average mind to grasp.


The first lesson that I gleaned from all the happenings around is that in LIFE nothing is permanent. Whatever you have, enjoy it now because seasons change without explanation or even a whisk or inkling of forewarning. You cannot build your life on the crowd’s adulation because it changes without warning. In Jesus’ time, the same crowd that said “crown him” were the same that shouted, “crucify him”.


Whatever you have now, make the best use of it. Ambode is still on my mind. Are you having parents or loved one? Don’t take them for granted. I lost my Dad within that period of hiatus and I really understand the import of the message friends. Enjoy whatever you have now as tomorrow, you don’t know what will happen.


I will be updating you all about the Lessons Gleaned these past few years,


IsaacKola AA


@newnaija on Twitter

Bojuboju- hide and seek


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