Lessons Gleaned 2

Lessons Gleaned 2


Piecing together snippets of wisdom grains gleaned can be arduous and nerve-racking. Beginning and deleting is the order of the day.  I believe most writers can relate with this plight of mine.


After staring blankly at my PC for a period whose length I could not even say, I finally decided on the thought that seemed dominant among the many competing for space in my head: “the power of partnership in achieving one’s goal in life”.

The present Nigerian president captures the dominant though rumbling through my mind. Like my Pastor will always say “there is no self-made man anywhere”. We are not sufficient of ourselves. We always need one person or the order to fulfil any given goal or pursuit.


President Buhari vied for the highest office in the land on three occasions without success. It was not until he formed the present alliance with other people that he could achieve his aim at the fourth time of asking.

There is deep understanding that can be gleaned from his trials. In all the four attempts, there was no difference to his person. He remained the same person all through but what made the last attempt successful is the power of association.


Are you also in the same situation, trying to attack a particular goal from different angles without success? Now is the time to watch your association. The holy book says the companion of fools shall be destroyed. The simple solution to some of our various challenges in life may actually be as a result of wrong association.


Change the people you associate with and critically assess your situation to see if it improves. I remembered Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo shared about a lady yearning to get married but stuck in a live-in situation with a guy. She remained in an inglorious position of forced servitude to the man because she refused to end the relationship that was not in tandem with the journey of her life. When she surmounted the courage to ask the man where the relationship was headed, his reply was “why buy the milk when the cow is free”.

Like Isaac Amao stated in one of his books, “surround yourself with people that have similar aspirations with you”. You cannot be aspiring to be a good writer and be stuck with people who are mainly football lovers with no clue about writing. You’ve not started your journey.


Friends, it is time to check the different relationships we are in: are they in agreement with our purpose, pursuit or aim in life? If not, now is the time to surround yourself with the right people. A relationship is by choice and not by force.



IsaacKola AA

@newnaija on Twitter


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