Lessons Gleaned 3

Lessons Gleaned 3


Life is transient. A life well lived and good legacies left behind is the memory that can lay claim to immortality. Less than two years ago I looked at the lifeless corpse of my dad and countless emotions ran riot through my mind. What is the essence of life and what will you be remembered for after your demise.


Oxygen is not the essence of life friends. Pump all the oxygen in the world into a corpse and you will understand what I mean.



Kamal Khashoggi is making the headlines for some days now. Yes, you heard me right Khashoggi! The American based Saudi journalist. The pain in the Kingdom of Saudi backside. The tales looked like Jason Burne or Tom Clancy story but yes it is true. He has been confirmed killed in the embassy during a fight.


My attention was piqued just a week after his disappearance. I had search for his names countless time for the past two weeks. The audio leak. Video leak. Apple Watch transmission. Denial and denial of the denial and final acceptance of the murder. The snippets of leaked decapitation and de-fingering. The dissolution in an acid of the remains. The purported death of the assassin in a car accident. The sacking of official and international angst against the Kingdom… Let me not bore you with stories you can easily check on your phone.


One question refuses to let go of my mind ever since the news broke out. What will you be remembered for after you leave the scene!


Nobody will live forever but legacies can.


What will you and I be remembered for is a question we need to consider in our day to day activity. The decisions and indecision should be guided by the thought. What will I be remembered for when am no longer in the seemingly exalted position I am now?


I rest my case today as with heavy heart I withdraw back into seclusion to continue my contemplation of life and my hereafter…


Isaacola AA


@newnaija on Twitter


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