Lessons Gleaned 5



I will be going down the memory lane to dig out a truth I learn early in my twenties. We all like it when all is rosy and moving on smoothly. No one really appreciates it when things go down south. No one is interested in a topsy-turvy situation. We all prefer it to see our sail go smoothly without any disturbance. Yes, we all love it so but life generally is not designed to be so let me disappoint you.


To have a successful or impactful life or relationship, we must pass through the ups and down. That’s the way life is built. The piano is built with both the black and white key. I dare say in life, you will not only have the black and white but also the GREY. It is the reality we must all deal with.


Managing crisis and the unexpected is the hallmark of good leadership and maturity. If you don’t want to just exist in life but living with a purpose and making a mark. Then it is mandatory to prepare yourself to handle the unexpected. The good book says “if you fail in the time of adversity, your strength is not enough”. Also, the good book said “when you pass through the water…” it didn’t say IF. So friends, prepare yourself for the day of adversity. Things will not always go as plan. You leadership stills need to be honed to perfection. Your learning and application of the lessons learnt so far will be tested. You all need to grow up as life is not for boys and girls. Life is for men and women who through used had exercised their muscles. You and I need to build an Iron Spine.


You and I must rise up and be able to manage a crisis. The unexpected!  Great leaders are forged in the furnace of a chaotic situation. They rose up from the ashes of dysfunctional families and the situation. They curt unexpected challenges from all sides. That seemingly stable situation face may degenerate in a twinkle of an eye. Prepare for the unexpected and be man enough to face the challenge and see through. Then you can with glee smile at adversity.


Prepare ahead for any unexpected situation and you will come out on top. Preparation is the antidote for the unexpected overwhelming one. Like the Boy Scout motto said, “Be Prepared”.


Isaacola AA




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