TORMENTED IV Concluding Part by Isaacola AA

"... You little brat! What are doing here? The naughtiness of your heart will surely destroy you one of these days. What are you looking for here! Do you see your mate here kiddo?!" The young lady was screaming at the top of her voice to the little boy strolling confidently without a single care … Continue reading TORMENTED IV Concluding Part by Isaacola AA


TORMENTED III The preacher was caught up in trance like rhapsody - speaking in "glosalalo" with uninhibited zeal. His language made a mockery of the uninitiated, growing in decibel and accompanied with energetic gesticulation... "A lalala bahsh..." He seemed oblivious of the small but growing crowd gathering around them. In the trance : the preacher … Continue reading TORMENTED III by Isaacola AA