Losing A Loved One Isaacola AA

LOOSING SOMEONE SO DEAR One two three push… One two three push… After what looks like an eternity but in actual sense, it's just a couple of seconds, the Doctors looked at him with a remorseful sorry look, sorry Mr Chide, we lost her. A Million bells were clanging discordantly through Ojochide’s head, rivulets of … Continue reading Losing A Loved One Isaacola AA



SCARE(Y) The monster stood slightly erect in its monstrosity. To say it looks scary is an understatement. The medusa-like head carrying a mass of dangling serpent. Fear gripped my mid section. Bile rose up from my core, carrying with it venomous angst. Fear, mixed with tears, encapsulated my whole being. Sweat pouring out of every … Continue reading Scare(y)


Halimat walk delicately with a tired gait, her Gucci bag hanging loosely on her shoulder. She was very determined to not let an extra day pass before teaching the hoodlums the lesson of their life. She sauntered into the dark alley with her heeled shoe clicking off. She always used the fifteen minute of quiet … Continue reading Surprised


    Picture courtesy of covenantnaples.com NB This is a cryptic write-up with so many  meanings to so many people, you are permitted to read your meaning into it. The meaning intended by the writer is up to all to deduce. Isaacola   SACRIFICE I willed my aching legs to continue the tedious uphill journey. … Continue reading Sacrifice