Rainbow Lady

RAINBOW LADY I saw the flawless leg. As she exited the chauffeur driven Range Rover. The extended leg carries with it a twenty-four carat gold chain. With a green stiletto-ed leg. My interest was piqued to see the angel carrying such an elegant piece of crafted leg. The stiletto-ed leg stepped out with such a … Continue reading Rainbow Lady


Eyes blazing with righteous indignation. Spittle flying this way and that. Well read dogged eared Bible flipping here and there. Poker dotted tie askew with a checkered shirt drenched on the collar. The jacket is a combination of blazer, suit and coat evoking the comedic "SuiCoBla". The sweaty arc formed under the armpit of the … Continue reading Hilarious


Driving in and through Lagos can be ...*looking for the right word*. I'm pretty sure you get what I am implying. It is an arduous, hectic, time consuming task that requires utmost attention and overall concentration. I will not bore you with another "bus tale" but this experience begged to be share. Driving to Apapa … Continue reading Azzident