Classless first class DMU

DMU (diesel multiple unit) train otherwise called first class train with air condition is nothing but a farce and one of the last administration voodoo ill-conceived enterprise. The flat rate from Iddo to Sango of seven fifty Naira is abnormal to say the least. The arithmetic does not add up. I always board the DMU … Continue reading Classless first class DMU

Remembering Chibok

Chenemi and Hajarat are what we call bests of friends. From their JSS three when Chenemi moved into boarding school, they've been practically inseparable. Though Chenemi is a Christian and Hajarat is a Muslim. Chenemi noticed the gloom on her friend face at the dining hall. Every inquiry was rebuffed playfully by her friend. She … Continue reading Remembering Chibok

War against War

Picture courtesy of WAR AGAINST WAR Bloated headless bodies floating on the stream. The tributaries clogged with decomposing corpses. The cities are a shadow of its former self. Men walking like living dead. With sunken eyes and hopeless gait scavenging from the diminishing waste. Able bodied young men struggling with dogs. Scavenging for a … Continue reading War against War