I am Still Standing (poem) Isaacola AA

Pummelled by the ravaging waves of the tongue Dragged in the mud of deprivation and degradation Yet am still standing Cat of many lives I am, beaten but not broken Trampled and crushed but indestructible Standing I am, still I became the trash can they empty their Diarrhoea bowels,acidic vituperations Yet, here I am still … Continue reading I am Still Standing (poem) Isaacola AA


Lessons from a missed Penalty Isaacola AA

A foolish man will always believe he know it all but a wise man will always learn from his mistakes, his breakthrough and even from inanimate things around him. I was in a situation recently and I actually learn two or three lessons from the incident.   A son lost penalty kick that resulted in … Continue reading Lessons from a missed Penalty Isaacola AA

Illusion (poem) Isaacola AA

ILLUSSION Dellusion, illusion beclouding my judgement Elation, infussion creeping into my mind Seclusion eating up the fabrics of my tunic Reality dawning on my expectant “psuche” I had been deceived, bereaved and disappointed The swallowed opium is wearing out Happiness shortlived- After the… Looking on in stark nakedness My entrails gurgling With sound of suffocation … Continue reading Illusion (poem) Isaacola AA