Lessons Gleaned 7

Lessons Gleaned 7
Patience is a virtue that must be cultivated at all cost if one will ever amount to anything in life. There is an African adage that” through patience, a stone can be cooked“. We are wired to get things done at the speed of light in this age. That is why we have instant coffee, instant noodles, instant these or that. In fact, we want instant everything. This generation is on the fast-paced life. That is why nobody considers a slow person or give any regards to anything slow.
We are a generation that prays to God to give us patience NOW.
What an irony.
In as much as being fast, getting things done in an instant is the norm in this age. There is still wisdom in the old cliche that patience is the father of all virtue.
Patience must be learned, appreciated and cultivated. Nothing that last can be cultivated in an instant. Life is a process. A continuum process. Until we come to appreciate process and patience, we will be missing the lesson.
Everything that last takes time! Processes must be appreciated. Growth is life is a good example of how a process is. It can be slow to a casual observer but a sure and steady thing that keep things going.
The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is a masterpiece of architecture and engineering. The foundation was constructed in for over a year. During those fifteen months of pilling and concrete reinforcement, a casual observer would have looked at the project as an ordinary construction site. After five years of active work, the architectural masterpiece stood out in majestic elegance.
In this age, we are quick to show forth without waiting and patiently going through the process. It is like a special pottery after being worked on, on the wheel, it refuses to go through the kiln but is eager to go out. It will last the test of time before it will be damaged.
Anything that will last will go through the process that takes time. Wait for your time and learn patience friends.
When you wait for the process and learn patience, you will not waste and not become a patient of process lack.
Isaacola AA
@newnaija on twitter

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