The ever-flowing unshed tears The gasping for words and breathe Undecipherable Lamentations bubbling from the core Expressing itself in thousands Wordless words   Liquid pains surging Sending lightning bolt jolts Pain monster caressing my joint With phalanges of hydra Probing my very breath Until my pain and groan blend   As I stutter to describe … Continue reading Groanings

Painful Love (poem)

PAINFUL LOVE Knowing that the colour red depict love Love is also a heart depicted The colour red blood a depict The heart fragile … True love is based on the bloodred sacrifice A life juice aflow in a relationship The basics of life kept hidden but painful When visible Love life and live love Smearing the … Continue reading Painful Love (poem)

Illusion (poem) Isaacola AA

ILLUSSION Dellusion, illusion beclouding my judgement Elation, infussion creeping into my mind Seclusion eating up the fabrics of my tunic Reality dawning on my expectant “psuche” I had been deceived, bereaved and disappointed The swallowed opium is wearing out Happiness shortlived- After the… Looking on in stark nakedness My entrails gurgling With sound of suffocation … Continue reading Illusion (poem) Isaacola AA