Faith Series @FeyiAdesanya

7 laws of breakthrough (3) As we continue again in this series, let me quickly reiterate that breakthrough could be in different facets of one’s life- it could be financial, medical, spiritual, emotional- just name it. This week we want to highlight the third law of breakthrough-FAITH or believe depending on your choice of words. … Continue reading Faith Series @FeyiAdesanya

Luis the cannibal

The world cup in Brazil is frost with so many intrigues ranging from officiating that is at best questionable to almost practical elimination of the defending champion after the first match. Most European footballing giants tipped to win the competition were eliminated from the group stage. The irony of it was that the FIFA ranking … Continue reading Luis the cannibal


SHADOW href=""> Ever present even in the darkest recess Following me through the roughest crevice Sometimes taller than me Sometimes bigger than me Almost always present in my presence Tilted at an angle as an angel Always ready to let me know he’s there Where can I go that you are not there? How can … Continue reading Shadow


Driving in and through Lagos can be ...*looking for the right word*. I'm pretty sure you get what I am implying. It is an arduous, hectic, time consuming task that requires utmost attention and overall concentration. I will not bore you with another "bus tale" but this experience begged to be share. Driving to Apapa … Continue reading Azzident