Faith series – @JamesMelbin

The game of rope-walking is not a child's play at all. But as risky as it is, Charles Blondin's story and his records of achievement in the game is quiet amazing. Several times, this man crossed the Niagara fall, stylishly, authoritatively and all together, fearlessly. There were times when he would cross the fall, on … Continue reading Faith series – @JamesMelbin

Life n Choices 8 – @tomisinajiboye

Life and Choices II of @tomisinajiboye Episode 7 here I have been here before, remember me? Oh yes, my name is Tomisin Ajiboye. My life is a story of one grain of sand, a life of seeking and finding and further exploration. Always seeking the lost bite of Steve Job’s apple. I will not … Continue reading Life n Choices 8 – @tomisinajiboye

Face me, I slap U “11” – Isaacola AA

Episode 10 here Wow, remembering the days when we (my friend and I) make do with 'face-me-I-face-you' because of infrequent flow of fund brings the feeling of nostalgia. And at other times joyful tears flows ceaselessly, cascading down along the curvature of my face when memories of my humble beginning come calling. Is it … Continue reading Face me, I slap U “11” – Isaacola AA