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The game of rope-walking is not a child’s play at all. But as risky as
it is, Charles Blondin’s story and his records of achievement in the
game is quiet amazing.

Several times, this man crossed the Niagara fall, stylishly,
authoritatively and all together, fearlessly.

There were times when he would cross the fall, on a rope, with objects
in his hands. He once cooked an omelette and treated himself to the
delicacy of the meal on his journey. Once, he rode a barrow with a bag
of pumpkin in it; all on a thin rope tied at both ends.

Because of his extraordinary and amazing ability, he got a lot of fans
from Canada and from America. They would all come to watch his show
and will laud him as the best and perfect rope-walker they’ve ever

But one day, he demanded a volunteer from within his fans, so that he
would carry the volunteer in a barrow across the rope. Nobody bulged.

Although they believed that he can do it, they weren’t able to put
their belief to use. They couldn’t practice their belief.

Same with most Christian today. We’ll always say “we believe in God” but
we won’t practice this belief. We will always say that we have faith
in God, that he can do wonders in our life but we won’t practice that
faith. We would still be having second thoughts about God’s ability if He can
really save you or not.

Most of us will always quote Matthew 7:7 but we will never ask. And
even if we ask, we will still be doubting it if we would really get it
from God.

This is not how God wants us to live. He doesn’t want you to proclaim
your faith by words of mouth alone, he wants you to practice your
faith too.

So brethren, start putting your faith in God to use. He has the capacity to bring to pass whatsoever he says. It is time to start putting all our eggs into one and only one basket! The just shall live by His\Her faith.

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