5Loaves n 2Fishes @FeyiAdesanya

5 LOAVES & 2 FISHES John 6:1-13 When Johnny (not real name) left home, little did he know that the lunch pack mum gave him wasn’t for his mouth alone. Just the way a lot of us are yet to realize that the resources, gifts and calling of God upon our lives are not for … Continue reading 5Loaves n 2Fishes @FeyiAdesanya

2Sides of life @Isaacsogo

THE TWO SIDES OF LIFE Life is structured such that it is what we give critical attention that tends to give us direction. Internal power flows in the direction of our focus. Our perspective about life begins to change when we carefully pay attention to the workings of life as a whole. Ordinarily, the average … Continue reading 2Sides of life @Isaacsogo