2Sides of life @Isaacsogo


Life is structured such that it is what we give critical attention that tends to give us direction. Internal power flows in the direction of our focus. Our perspective about life begins to change when we carefully pay attention to the workings of life as a whole.

Ordinarily, the average man/woman would always want to satisfy his/her selfish desires, caring less about others (we are inherently selfish normally). S/he makes frantic effort to get to the peak of his/her life ambition, and if God wills it, all the efforts get rewarded and dreams come true, ambitions become realised. We then regard him or her as a successful fellow because s/he is now at the peak of the mountain and is doing fine. But does that define success?

I am convinced to say that does not capture what success entails.

The bitter truth is that you do not stand at the peak of the mountain and claim to be a success when you’re not doubling up your effort to help others attain the same height. The point is that the factor that accelerated your rise to the top may not be available for another person. That is why consideration must be given to those that are making concerted efforts to get to the top.

Backgrounds may differ,but we can always allow God to use us as the platform for the success of someone else. The good aspect of life is that helping others brings about a kind of joy that is beyond expression. The one I will term fulfilling joy.

However, two parallel lines that cannot meet showed up in the light of helping people. The first is how bad we are in this part of the world to see helping others as what is “needful”, wanting the whole world to ourselves. People can be so bad to the point of even being an obstacle to the progress of others.

On the other hand, some people have lost every sense of rendering help in its very atomic nature because of their ordeals after dishing out plates of help to people. Some have been made to regret by those that they have helped, and this has made them paranoid. They see everyone as evil, not deserving to be helped.

What convincing words can be spoken to such person to have a change of thought and idea about this? No doubt, people can be evil!

The two pictures above unfolds before us like a widening hole in the wall and we are left with which way to go. Many things will happen, but can we just make it so simple by being that help not minding what other people had done to us in the past? You and I can as well shed the toga of greed.

I don’t deny that you have reasons not to offer that help but one thing is good to note; “You must not be weary of doing good” because at the appropriate time you will be greatly rewarded for it. If the devil is not weary of doing evil, then you must also not be weary of doing the good you do to others.

The take away question is: what will you do to the devil to cease doing evil? If there is none, then nothing should be strong enough to discourage your good deeds of helping others.


Special thanks to Seye Babalola (@oscarpoems). He has been two-derful. I hail my very Oga @the top.

Isaacola AA

3 thoughts on “2Sides of life @Isaacsogo

  1. What haf Oscarpoems do o 😀
    Receiving the short end of the stick has made many people paranoid when it comes to assisting people. We however should learn, as this piece tries to encourage us, to not get tired of being the reason for someone to be happy. Good piece. Blessings


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