I wonder how (poem) @ebehpatrick

The revolving crystal ball of the universe  Hovers over mankind in mysteries beyond interpretation. I wonder how these were made. I wonder how the earth revolves around time; yet men and other creatures are still.     The droppings of the rain from a mere cloud; is a depth The speed of lightning and the … Continue reading I wonder how (poem) @ebehpatrick

Just before the Niger (poem) by @ebehpatrick

Just before the River Niger  Lies this beauty that transcends  The human comprehension.  Mixed in tribes and Languages,  That enhances her beauty and make up.  She bears the milk and honey  That sustains her National wealth  and pride.  But she wallows in despair  Like a woman robbed of her glory.  I weep! For she lacks … Continue reading Just before the Niger (poem) by @ebehpatrick

Am back

After a long hiatus, dilly-dallying on where, how and when to finally come out in the open, I will like to inform all our well wishers and esteemed readers that nunaija.com will not be operating for the time being whilst we will be operating from this older platform until some conditions are met. I will … Continue reading Am back