Shadowy – Isaacola AA


I saw the figure in the edge of my vision
slimmy snaky and slithering
fangs pointed in hydra headed spiral
tasting the salty sultry air
eyes glazed in glassy venom
nose flaring surfurous gasousness
wriggling and wrangling
coiling and uncoiling
flexing the muscles in influx of energy
ready to attack
then I gasped in fear and faint
shadowy lass I run

My fear of enclosed place and darkness
enclosed my heart in fearful tandem
squeezing every ounce of life
in a palpable suffocation
tearing off my balance
colouring and clouding my sense
of judgement and time
in a fearful grip of what can
and what may
in a
way I am dying of fret
scaring of death in a
shadowy crass

My fountain of light lighting up my world
swallowing up every darkness whatsoever
enlightening my whole being
emboldens my very step as I step out
in fight or flight I refuse to bulge
as I fight every slight of men’s opinion
drowning me in drowsy voice
of condemnation and darkened end
now I know, my fears of shadow
is a mirage that has no substance
to harm me, free I am
from every shadows whatsoever

Isaacola AA


9 thoughts on “Shadowy – Isaacola AA

  1. I love this poem! “The fountain of light lightning all my world and swallowing every darkness whatsoever. ” My favourite lines.

    Check out You could create a channel or share it there too. Peeps need to read this.


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