Must we all contest? @Isaacaogo

Must We All Contest Election

Do I have problem with 9ice, Desmond Elliot, Andy Kenneth, Tony Tetuilla, Kate Henshaw, Julius Agwu, Richard Mofe Damijo and co vying for political office come 2015? Not at all. If they can vote, then they can also be voted for. After all, it is their constitutional right.

Such a move shows a light of hope for the active participation of an average Nigerian youth in the politics of this nation and should be a catalyst for the youths to rise to the occasion and be the change we so desired.

However, as good as this move may be, the question is; ‘How do we distinguish 9ice, a hip pop singer and 9ice the politician?’

Does that sounds like castigation? No! Yes, they may have a strong vision of birthing changes and turning the tide politically in whatsoever position they find themselves,and might have concluded in a simple language that the best way to go about it is by contesting for a post that best suit their aims and objectives. But then,the question is that; ‘must we all be politician before we can effect changes in our nation?’ Unless we get this clear we would still be getting things wrong. Not disputing the fact that political office(s) may be one of the strongest means to bring about changes in the modus operandi of the nation, but the sincere truth is that it cannot probably be the only lasting solutions to our nation’s problem. Just as Sam Adeyemi said;’ You cannot solve nigeria problem outside your purpose’

The point is that these entertainment being a musician can distinctively use his talent to make the difference in Nigeria by the virtues of sound lyrics that can shake the heart of all and sundry to see what our nation is and how it can be made good.

Going into politics look like a lost of focus in my personal opinion with some of these entertainers. If all you can do is to sing, sing to make your vision for the nation turn a reality. Fela Anikulapo Kuti was one of those rugged fellow that was passionate about Nigeria and Nigerians and does that by going all out to expose politicians evil deeds through his musics. He made public show of them, even though, it landed him into trouble most times with the power that be. Better still,that is a classical example.

If the entertainment industry really see needs for an urgent shift in the way our nation operates, they’ve all it takes to do that,and that is the entertainment platform write stories to evoke and instigate the change we need.

The undeniable fact is that many still hold fast to this erroneous belief that unless they find their way to politics they can’t be the light and that is why you even see people with empty brain who knows not what politics is vying for different position. You know what; Abraham Lincoln didn’t give up because he knew what to do with politics. But here, we only see it as an opportunity to milk the masses and greedily enrich our pockets.

Now, if what you know how to do is to write, write to birth a new Nigeria. If yours is to talk,do the talking,and if yours is to sing,do i
it with passion to better things. If you’re a journalist, do well to help the nation, if you’re lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a pastor, a trader, a lecturer and even a student let your mind be directed towards building an enviable Nigeria.

Even the common road mechanics and drivers or okada riders should not be left out, they should do well to build the nation as well. By doing this,we would safe ourselves unnecessary stress.

When we have this understanding, we would live to see to it that different parts form the body and into politics is not a one way solution to the multifarious challenges facing our nation.



Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger were both entertainers and they both excel in politics. I do not have a negative opinion of entertainers going into politics but they should go with a game plan of changing the landscape for good and making the nation better not battered because they went into the political arena.

Isaacola AA

11 thoughts on “Must we all contest? @Isaacaogo

  1. Politics in Nigeria is all about fame and fortune….most politicians and those aspiring to be do not know diddly squat about selfless service which is the crown Jewel of leadership…


  2. Well, as sentimental as many of the things you wrote about look and sound…it still remains to be seen what changes these guys will bring.

    You are asking for a “game plan” —- what good has the plethora of “game plans” reeled out by “professional politicians” brought to the fortune of the country?

    As far as I am concerned, this only serves as the beginning of the many changes that are bound to unfold in the political landscape of this country. Soon, we will begin to have technocrats, actively backed by their specific career/professional bodies vying for political.

    It may look not so much as the ideal/wise way to go for now, but it is sure the beginning of something new and fresh.


    1. In my opinion, as long as there is a selfless motive with strong desire for a positive change for the betterment of the populace, I support the change, so long it wont be business as usual looting the treasury dry. Thanks for stating your candid opinion.


  3. Well,I did mentioned from the article that it is a nice idea and a light of hope for an average Nigerian youth to be the change in the politics of our nation. But then,we must not see making impacts as what must be rigidly fixed to only being a politician ,we can make things work if we are committed in our various lines of calling and purpose. By that,we would be able to match on well as a nation.


  4. I’m surprised at d rate at which artists are vying for Political Seats come nxt year. And u r so on poin, what are they going to do in Office if, and I repeat if they’re elected? U made mention of Arnold n Reagan. In Arnold’s case,two things were said;he never collect a dime of USA Govt. money, not even d salary he was entitled to. He was also said to b the Worst Governor in American History up to date. Which means he was only good at entertaining d world, not holding a political seat. I do hope they com$e to their senses b4 it’s too late. I’m not against them too, but hope they really knw what they’re doing…


  5. Valid points raised in this piece, insightful comments as well.
    Just sad everyone wants to make our country an experiment.
    Truth be told, we can’t judge anyone without seeing what they’ve got to offer but its just a trend now to have entertainers: actors and musicians to make the cross into politics. What I have asked myself is are they in it for service or for prestige or for the perks of office?
    Too many questions yet unanswered.
    All I seek, and I’m sure a few others want as well, is for Nigeria to rise again.
    Big ups to the writer


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