Betrayal (poetry) – Isaacola AA



With the smoothness of butter
Sweetness of honey and
Swiftness of an eagle
You prowl into my heart
Unlocking every secret with the canniness
Peculiar to the gods of this world
You burrow into the crevices of my heart
Laying bare all that I so treasure in
Carcasses of shamefacedness

I let you into my heart with a smile
That will last a mile
And you left me devastated, humiliated
And violated all the same
Sweetly you pressured me
To release my treasure
Into your sinewy calloused hands
I released my only source of dignity
But in vain my dignity vanished into
The dingy vanity

Now emptily I stare
Devoid of any iota of self-worth and dignity
With false and forced humility
Living without life
Existing but out of existence
Oh, I am betrayed by my “ifedo”
Callously used and forgotten.

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Ifedo means beloved in Igala

Isaacola AA



16 thoughts on “Betrayal (poetry) – Isaacola AA

  1. Betrayal turns us to sweetness for another person who LOVES us dearly while we remain as a nightmare to the one who broke our precious HEART. More ink Sir.


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