Faith series – Isaacola AA

The Lord is my shepherd, I have all I need!

Psalm 23
New Living Translation

Its another time to have a look at the law of liberty which is the Word of God. The scripture above said “I have all I need”! Do you believe that friends?

Let’s have a look at the relationship between the shepherd and the sheep.

The sheep only need to trust and follow the leading of the shepherd, it does not need to worry about cares of this world.

It’s the duty of the shepherd to provide all that the sheep need,the shepherd will figure it out for the sheep. All the sheep need is to follow the shepherd.

Friends, all that I need for the journey is settled. I just need to trust the Lord, my shepherd to lead me to the green pastures: the green pasture of my health, family, finance and business. I need to follow his leading a step at a time.

Worry saps you of strength unnecessarily. The energy needed for constructive and positive things is expended on things not needed. Why not trust the shepherd like a sheep to lead you to your green pasture and safety.

Let go of those worry- points you aptly call prayer points. Let God take over the leading, and see all your worries become a thing of the past. Let go and let God.

Worry will never solve any problem but complicates them. Its high time you let him do the leading while you enjoy peace of God and peace with God.



Watch out for “face me ,I slap U on monday 5th August, Bus Tales by @saymalcolm and @nykelodeon later.


5 Replies to “Faith series – Isaacola AA”

  1. Very true. Most times the things we worry about do not deserve the attention we give them. A popular question goes thus: This thing you are worried about, can you do anything about it? No I can’t. Then why worry? Yes I can, Then why worry? Nice write-up


  2. Very nice piece.
    Thank you for presenting it ever so clearly. we are but sheep and all we do is listen for the shepherd and trust Him completely as He leads and we follow. He is able to perfect all that concerns us.
    It is counter human nature because we like to ‘know’ what the modus operandi is but trust God we must, trust Him we will. So why should I worry, when the God that has His throne above the heavens and has the earth as a stool underneath His feet has me graven on the palm of His hand?


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