Face me, I slap U “9” – Isaacola AA

HBD to Yomi Oladunjoye and Olalekan Alimi. Friends indeed you are.

Episode 8 here

Sorry for the break in transmission. We are back with “Face me, I slap U” again. Please promise me you will not laugh! Did I hear say you promise? Okay let’s go…

After the shameful incident in his former house, Ajadi relocated to an apartment that was owned by a strict Ijebu man with phantom rules and regulations which when broken will result in expulsion from the house without refund of the house rent.

A glimpse at the rules :

* No cooking in the room

* No visitor after 10pm when the central door was locked.

* NEPA bill was to be shared by points (for example pressing iron and electric stove is two points each, each bulb is a point each, radio, DVD, VCD, DSTV, GoTv, Startimes and TV was a point each etc).

* Payment of security bill, sweeper bill, NEPA bill, LAWMA bill etc must be paid on 28th of each month and any defaulter would pay extra fee for the delay.

With all those laws, Ajadi knew that all things being equal, he would never default. The house had six bachelors and a single mother with a teenage son.

After just the first month, one of the bachelors named Chukwudi complained that his boxer shorts were missing. It got so bad that every saturday, there was always a case of missing boxer shorts or men’s underwear vest famously known as “singlet”.

Ajadi was irritated especially since he was the newest tenant and moreso, he seemed to be the only odd person amongst all the office type tenants. Ajadi called Chucks aside one day and whispered something into his ears. Both of them smiled and dispersed.

The following week as usual, Chucks spread his numerous boxers short and “singlet” on friday night. Saturday morning, he woke up to meet the space of the boxer shorts and “singlets” empty. He didn’t border to make much noise other than a little God will catch the thief one day. He exchanged a knowing smile with Ajadi. Every body dispersed and went about their various chores.

On sunday morning, the gentle uncle Ben who was such an easy going person let out a scream from the bathroom. He was dressed to go out when he suddenly discover that his body is itching him uncontrollably. He made the mistake of his life by dashing to the bathroom and pouring water on himself from head to toe. He ran out naked from the bathroom itching all over like a derailed man in his prime.

Ajadi and Chucks were laughing uncontrollably. Ajadi had actually suggested to Chucks that he will supply him “werepe” (devils bean) . Chucks soaked the boxers and underwear in it and uncle Ben thinking business as usual had stolen them and found himself dancing naked just because of thievery!

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Bus Tales continues on tuesday.

14 thoughts on “Face me, I slap U “9” – Isaacola AA

    1. My sister, when thivery is inside ones blood, he will steal even what he doesn’t need. I think Yoruba people will say “ojukokoro” but I will rather say, “oju ko ku ro”.


  1. Sorry I broke d promise….or let’s say I never made d promise…dis ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ soooo hilarious, very smart move there 4rm ajadi; lesson 2 theives buhahahahaha


  2. Got me laughing hard there bro… now wey him don expose himself, how does he plan to return all previously stolen boxers and singlets? Na the ones wey him don wear abi he’s buying new ones?


  3. Toyinfab, you’d be surprised at the kinda things some people will steal. And just like Isaacola said, if thievery dey person blood, nothing wey dat person no fit steal, e fit even steal him own things…
    But e don be for Uncle Ben sha loooooooool


    1. Ummm, uncle Ben will bounce back and I think the score is 1 against 1. Remember Ajadi was humiliated in his former yard! Lol, I just dey look o my sister.


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