Faith Series – @ikeamadi

Last week, we spoke about the man who was brought into the room where Jesus was teaching by his friends, for Jesus to heal his paralysis. We focused on ‘seeing their faith,’ i.e. the faith of his friends who brought him into the room.

Jesus spoke these words to him, ‘Cheer up son! your sins are forgiven you.’ The ‘cheer up’ caught my attention.

When we come to Jesus who is a king, with our sins, our sorrows, our suffering, we think that he’ll reprimand us for all our wrong doing and not immediately grant our request made in faith. We are wrong to think thus. We must always remember that Christ came to seek and to save the lost, and as such is interested in having us well. He doesn’t say, ‘Oh sinner, see what your sins have gotten you into,’ rather he chooses to say, ‘cheer up, son!’ He is saying, rejoice. Don’t be heartbroken. Don’t lose heart. Stand strong, fear not. Cheer up!

He is a high priest that is moved by our infirmities. He wants to show forth his power through us. We should not be afraid to come to our father and ask for healing, deliverance, direction, and every other good gift we desire. He has the gift. He can give. He can bless. He will bless. He will heal, he’ll transform. He’ll provide for you.

So quit thinking low about yourself or as though Jesus will smack you for coming to his table, but ‘come boldly to the throne of grace from whence you’ll obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.’

There is no sinner too filthy that grace cannot make clean. After Jesus told him to cheer up, he said to him, ‘take up your bed and go home!’ He healed him. There is no referral case with Jesus. So Jesus, does not like us, say, ‘cheer up!’ And leaves us to go our way. He says ‘cheer up,’ and gives us what we want from him!

Jesus has seen your situation and is saying, ‘cheer up, son!’

Yes, Cheer up!

Ike Amadi.

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Next week Saturday is another date with “faith series”.

Isaacola AA


4 Replies to “Faith Series – @ikeamadi”

  1. Truly, Jesus is very aware of our mess-ups and is enthusiastic about getting us to cheer up. He is all the joy we need, afterall. Faith Series…. More, please. I love you, Bro.


  2. Encouraging. We should not look for who to blame for our circumstances but rather view it as an opportunity for God to reveal His power in those situations.


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