It doesn’t work that way @Isaacsogo


Please, pause a little bit and let
us look intently into this before
it evaporates. Few minutes ago, I
saw a friend’s comment which
Caught my attention and send me into serious thinking mode.

The comment read thus;’congratz bro, I wish you the best that life offers you’. By you, I know that nothing is wrong with that statement,but let us reason

The statement is clear enough or simply,can we say that it means accepting any forms of offer life presents to you. I think that it would have better be.

This shows where we are missing it as an individual. Do you know that,’the
best life may offer you in some cases may be disappointment, failure, confusion and bad experiences?

People who go with this idea are people who are short-circuited in their ways of seeing life issues. They’ve
resigned to fate,allowing life situations and challenges to form and shape their entire ways of living on the planet earth. They find it difficult to think outside the box,what they’re passing through dictates to them how they live and as well suggests what the future holds for them. For this set of people to make meaning out of life would be sternly difficult because of the choice of what they live to see on a daily basis.

As i ponder on this,it dawns on me the question a friend of mine asked me some times ago. He said ‘ How are you
treating life?’ This kept me thinking, contrary to what I would expect him to say that is;’ How is life treating you?’ Then,I quickly realised that lies in my hands is the ability to control circumstances of life and not to
allow it to control or be my master. That is why i refused to agree with that comment made by my friend. Don’t give room for life troubles and challenges to circumvent your life. The
power to make yourself happy even if you’re served with plate of bitterness is in you just that you’re not utilising it
Men that rejects the untold part of life and take a bold step are men who live to rule their world. You may not be able to rule your world if you don’t take time to treat life in a way that will make you so. Wake up and be happy even when there are reasons to be sad.

Walk smiling when you need to squeeze your faces. Don’t be fooled to accept every offer of life because not
all is profitable for you. Sieve those offers wisely and make a good meaning out of your life.

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19 thoughts on “It doesn’t work that way @Isaacsogo

  1. Thanks bro.That is true. In fact,In the garden of Eden,God subjected everything to the control of man. He said,’subdue….’ That is enough to make meaning out of life


  2. I read this carefully and picked the key thoughts. Fact is, they were many–the key thoughts. Great spoking for the day. Thanks.


  3. ‘I wish you the best that life offers you’.
    You know, I never realized the import of that seemingly innocuous comment until you analyzed it in this post. good one, Isaac


  4. Of a truth, we should always learn to ‘treat’ life; never should we allow life to ‘treat’ us. We possess the control. Thanks for the eye-opening piece.


  5. Well loaded, urging a departure from the status quo. Choosing to live through life and not allowing life toss one this way or that…
    The 1st comment says it all, Christ has it all in His hands. With him, life will always rock.


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