Beggarly things @Isaacsogo

Barka da Sallah, happy Ed Fitr to all our muslim readers.


It’s morally and religiously right to give especially to the poor, less privilege and the physically disadvantaged, not just grudgingly but from a cheerful heart and we are encouraged to do so without regret or fear.

This I (some of us too) grew up knowing and practising from a very tender age. Even when we don’t have to give a times, we feel bad as though we have done something evil. This is not our fault, it is just because we were born into a society where we are compelled to love especially the less privilege and to render assistance whenever and however possible (conditioned to be good Samaritans societally).

We sometimes take this to an extreme that,anybody depriving them of their seemingly little comfort they have,will see the wrath of God and the anger of a caring society. In a nutshell, the society hold these sets of people in high esteem.

However, this practise has over night changed and is given little or no attention today. Alas , what happened?

You may want to see this sudden change in our society as sheer
wickedness on the part of the people that you wonder how that man never take a second thought by not giving that helpless and hapless beggar on the street. In fact, let that man be at the verge of death, it won’t surprised you how people will behave as though they don’t see him.

But in all these, who are we to blame? I think this question should be a good point to start with.

Generosity in this age is becoming a regret ,while hospital is turning to be the end of hospitality deed done harmlessly. Though,we have those that are truly disabled, but what are we to say of those who have turned this into a lucrative business to make ends meet.

This type of beggars are modern days beggars,they packaged themselves in a way that you can empty your pocket if you come across anyone of them anytime and anywhere. You see them on the street and regularly visiting lecture halls to beg hungry students for their scarce resources,yet some ignorantly give these people their meagre resources out of the goodness of their heart unknown to them, these are professional beggars.

You see some of them speaking refined and polished english with sugar coated mouth? That is enough to pity a disguised beggar and give, with the hope that he can be better by your act of giving. As if that is not enough,some will show you certificates to back up their claims and this will further convince you to give. These and many others are pranks being played on people by these customised beggars cum business men and women.

In the recent past, people discovered that these set of people are only milking them by playing upon their intelligence even though they are intellectual. As a result of this, people withdrew their hands of giving even when the beggar is genuine. As I write this, I know I came across a man who doesn’t know that I have noticed him afar off smoking and as I was approaching him, he quickly hide the cigarette to beg for money from me.

No! I know that at this point in time I must not be a civilised fool and as I walked pass him, I smiled within me. This must be a madness of a special case expecting me to use my little money to finance your vice.

The customised beggars have indeed infiltrated our society and making cool money at the expense of people’s ignorance. Only the wise can get out of their
tricks. However,I am not saying that all are evil,but it will not be
an overstatement to say that the bad are more than the good
which has indeed wiped away any iota of mercy from the heart of people.

I want to believe that this is indeed a bad and unwholesome attitude that does not help the moral standard of our society. We’ll always have them around us,but we must be wise before we end up at the fool’s paradise.

@Isaacsogo on twitter.

I have seen my fair share of deceptive and con men parading as a beggar in one form or the other especially the corporate and professional beggar who speak with flowery words in order to rip you of your hard earned money.

Be good to people but don’t be gullible my friends because I have seen a beggar smile to the bank competing with me in lodging cash in a bank and I have also heard of one with real estate here and trailer for haulage. Beware!

Isaacola AA


10 Replies to “Beggarly things @Isaacsogo”

  1. This act of smartness would never stop, but we have to keep doing our good.
    I can relate with incidents of people wanting to play smart alecs and all. One just has to be discerning enough to know who to be good to.
    Big ups bro, thanks for sharing.


  2. See, i don’t know if this makes me a wicked person oo, but i cant possibly be helping a beggar’s begging-ministry by “supporting” him. That’s real bullshit to me. Haven’t we see handicapped people doing something useful with their lives? Why cant the others try? Here’s my line: I don’t have money for beggars, never mind whether they are professional or amateur. I spend hours under the sun as a photographer every day… Every day- hustling, fighting, trying hard not to give in to poverty, and one whoever-of-a-person is somewhere hoping that, Famous Isaacs, will come to pay homage to him for what? Let him come and i will teach him how to work, yeah, but expecting my money to drop, he must dream again.


    1. My brother, I still help every now and then depending on my heart but majority of our beggars are scam!
      Imagine the other day, one beggar was asking me for money and I pointed to his Seiko wristwatch while am not even wearing a digital one. He smiled and walk away…


  3. This work needs some editing. It is a bit away from what I expect on that front. Nevertheless, the theme is quite apt.

    My own take on this is, people who are really ‘helpless’ should be in a structured institution where they can be looked after and where people can donate relief materials from time to time. Moreover, unless people are bedridden, there could still be a way to make them useful to the society and themselves rather than to be a burden and a nuisance.

    I often think of where all that money goes…could be the bottomless pit of a drinking bar, in the pockets of a hashhish seller or even repatriated back somehow through a network to fund some nefarious activities?

    Food for my own personal thoughts….


  4. Just like you have rightly said, deceit have made people blind to those who really need our help since 419ers are all over the place. But still, we must be willing to give. We just must not be gullible. Thanks a lot for sharing…


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