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“Lekan, your decision was too hasty and lacks merit”, Tade said as he took his seat at the eatery where he was having lunch with his bosom friend.
“You and I know Dabira is not that type of lady you should part ways with just like that. She was a great pillar and stood by you when you had no one. Remember her role in your education? As for me prophecy or no prophecy, if you truly love someone you will never let go no matter the situation. That love will make you stick around”, Tade went on, ignoring the meal that had been pre-ordered for him. His anger was evident in the way the pitch of his voice rose with each sentence. The couple on their right kept stealing glances at the two men.
Tade had every reason to be angry. He met Dabira in the first year in the University and they both clicked instantly based on sentiments. They both hailed from Isale Eko and attended the same fellowship and for them, those were enough reasons to be close friends.
They however discovered a barrier between them as their friendship blossomed. While they were talking randomly one time, it was discovered that Tade’s grandfather was the sworn enemy Dabira’s grandfather had always told his grand daughter about.
He revealed to her while he was alive that their enmity stemmed from a minor disagreement over a vast area of land.  The feud had started when his then friend who happened to be Tade’s grandfather encroached on his land and refused to refute it. Feeling cheated and betrayed, he vowed not to have anything to do with his friend turned enemy.. He went as far as placing a curse on anyone who married from the other family.
Dabira had liked Tade from the first day they met on Campus and would not have rejected him if he was bold enough to ask her for a relationship but on knowing of the animosity between their grandfathers, Tade sought to shed more light on the issue. He asked his grandfather if he knew a Doherty family from Isale Eko. The expression on his grandfather’s face confirmed the truth before he even opened his mouth.
“Omotade, don’t you ever mention that name in my presence again. Not in my presence, not in this family. That name is a taboo as far as I am concerned”, his grandfather said, livid with rage.
That exactly was what made him to not pursue more than friendship with Dabira. He thought deeply and knew presenting Dabira to them will amount to cutting grass with a blunt cutlass.
Tade however remained protective of Dabira and cared for her like his sister. Both of them spent time and enjoyed moments together but could not take it further than they wanted.
Dabira was pretty confident that their grandparents’ land issue had nothing to do with them but Tade could not say the same. He was scared stiff of the curse his grandfather told him about.
Lekan had asked Tade over time his intention for Dabira but his replies had always been the irritating “we are friends”. He told his friend he would not mind getting close to Dabira with the ultimate aim to date her seriously. Knowing his friend, Tade never gave him the attention he sought, nor the chance to meet and relate with Dabira.
Tade was always a hard nut to crack in any issue surrounding Dabira. He was overly protective of her but all that changed the day he sighted her giggling playfully with a strange guy.
“I need Dabira to have serious discussion with Lekan before it is too late. Dem nor born hin papa make he mess her up unlike all these strange ones”, Tade reasoned.
Within few weeks, Tade softened his stand and allowed Lekan get closer to Dabira.  He would arrange lunch and dinner for three and give silly excuses just to leave the two alone.
The two built their friendship quick and Lekan wasted no time in making the move. Tade was Lekan’s advocate as he practically talked Dabira into dating Lekan.
Within few months, their relationship had blossomed and they were happy with one another. It was as though they had been made for each other and waited for the perfect time to go into a relationship. Tade was a tad envious sometimes but he had decided to let go and had channelled that envy into making sure the love grew from strength to strength. His dream was to see both of them happily married with him as the best man.
By then, Dabira’s friendship had broken the barrier erected by their grandfathers. He had become friends with Dabira’s elder brother and watched football at the Dohertys’ many times. The game had brought him and the men in the house closer as they all support the same football club.
His family were indifferent about his association with the Doherty family too. They only warned him to not think of marrying the Doherty daughter. His father as a matter of fact reasoned that the relationship would die a natural death.
Getting back to the present, and leaving memories behind, Lekan sighed and looked away from Tade and at his half-empty plate. He took the bottle of water in front of him and took five long gulps.
He then looked into Tade’s eyes and from the deepest part of his being, he spoke “Tade, I believe you should understand the situation surrounding this relationship more than anyone else”.
He suppressed a hiccup and drank some more water, thinking as he drank. He had tried all he could to make things work but he was not in any way convinced things would leave the dead end that they presently were.
“I know you want us together Tade but my happiness is important here and no one seems to count me as another important element in this relationship. Moreover, Tade, I was the one in the relationship, not you. It was me facing the challenges and the heat, not you. I need to be left alone to take the decision. If your opinion is needed I will let you know”, Lekan said with a haughty smirk thrown at his friend


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24 thoughts on “Dabira 4 _ @Bunmi_Bimbola

  1. Tade’s reactions are understandable.As for Lekan,his happiness matters.’he who wears a shoe knows where it pinches'(translation-eni ti o wo bata ni o mo ibi ti o ti n gun)so says an adage.I was once in a relationship that I wasn’t happy in.As for dabira,ladies should know that the way to win the heart of a man is being good.Lekan should exercise patience,may be things can still work out for good.good story.


    1. Yemi thanks for reading and commenting every week. I really appreciate you. As for your view concerning characters in this story … My fingers are crossed. *smiling*


  2. Nice story but I wish all the episode has something linking them together, or may be there should be a summary of what happened in the last episode. Before the new one. Dis can help to make one remember what has been read in the last story.


  3. Hmmm nice one, happiness indeed, when dy were both dating bfore d prophecy, was he not happy except if he has been deceiving d lady sha, #fingerscrossed bcos for lekan not to think twice before taking his actions, its somehow, #SMH


    1. Falade Itunu, ur point is a serious one that couples dating should consider before they take any silly decision.


  4. Prophet, Prophecy, Prophesy
    Lekan, Dabira and the untold story
    I see a lot yet to be revealed so I’ll just wait for the next few episodes.
    Something is clear however, Lekan is using the prophecy ish to make good his escape as he already has second thoughts about Dabira.
    Bring on the next episode


    1. Thanks boss. I can’t agree less to your view about Lekan having other reasons. But less keep our fingers crossed Sir.


  5. People sha and palava. Ehm, before the relationship started, biko why didn’t Lekan ask his pastors na? The guy has something up his sleeves jare.
    Lekan better get ready for fire, hell hath no fury like a woman scornef o.

    Okay Abimbola, this is your story, oya do your thing jare.

    Nice story though. More!!


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